From Broadway dancer to top Hollywood Stunt Woman to up and coming actress, Danielle has made her name in Hollywood. With blockbuster credits like "Walking Dead", "The Amazing Spider-Man", Danielle's talent and prowess as an actress are front and center.


Danielle has forged a career with grace, allure and a flair for leaping across buildings and dangling 26 stories about the ground. As one of Hollywood's top stunt women, Danielle has an impressive list of credits, including being the Trinity double for Matrix 2 & 3.


As a writer, director, producer, Danielle has completed her second short film, “Girl Trip" a story of three friends who head to Joshua Tree to celebrate the full moon equinox, where one strange occurrence quickly escalates into a comedic nightmare.

She received much acclaim with her directorial debut "Lucy Falls", a story of a strong-willed small town girl in an abusive relationship who has an epiphany through the help of her seven-year old friend.

"It's quite an intense piece yet told with a quiet deliberate confidence that many film makers with more experience never achieve" – Larry Charles, director

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From the Forward of her book The Stuntwoman's Workout, John Carpenter writes:

Danielle is one of the best I've worked with. It isn't simply that Danielle impresses as a talented stunt performer; she is also a talented actress in her own right. And if a bit of Danielle's excitement for life rubs off on you, all the better. Just remember her motto: 
“It's easy to master a skill when you are passionate about it."